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As a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman since 2009, I covered television, technology, festivals, human interest stories, family and consumer issues, and penned movie reviews. • I spent an afternoon with America’s oldest surviving World War II veteran, Richard Overton. • I met a tree-climbing dog and its owner. • I hung out with filmmaker Rob Thomas in Los Angeles on the set of the Veronica Mars movie. • Speaking of that film, I gave it a solid B. My wide range of experience as a reporter covering straight news, human interest stories, and entertainment topics means that I work fast, take accuracy seriously, and am able to strike an appropriate tone for your copy.
This is Kenneth and June Bonewitz, a disabled couple from Round Rock. I told the couple’s story as part of the Austin American-Statesman’s annual, charitable “Season for Caring” campaign.
As a columnist for the Austin American-Statesman since 2009 and for Copley Chicago Newspapers before that, I delivered informative, interesting and often humorous takes on current events, pop culture, home life, consumer issues, and productivity. The columns allowed me to start a dialogue with readers and my conversational writing style helped me to develop a personal connection with them. • TV Tips • TV column • The Buzz • Go-To Guy
At the Austin American-Statesman, I maintained and contributed to many blogs, including television/radio, film, and comedy. The blogs were where movie reviews and TV recaps wound up, in addition to timely scene reports and panel reviews from festivals including SXSW, Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, Austin Film Festival and Fun Fun Fun Fest. • It's Always Funny in Austin (comedy blog) • Digital Savant (tech blog) • TV & Radio (media blog) • Austin Movie Blog Blog content at the Statesman required extremely quick turn-around.
I wrote about Austin comedian Maggie Maye many times. This comedy blog screen grab is from 2015, when she performed on Conan O’Brien’s late night TBS talk show.
I wrote about Austin comedian Maggie Maye many times. This comedy blog screen grab is from 2015, when she performed on Conan O’Brien’s late night TBS talk show.
In addition to stories, I scripted and produced weekly videos to run online in conjuction with my TV picks. But my writing is not confined to non-fiction. As a founding member of suburban Chicago, Illinois’ Gag Reflex Comedy Theater, I contributed comedy sketches, original songs, and song parodies to dozens of live stage revues in the 1990s. In the early 2000s, I started a satellite company of the group in Austin. I have written close to a dozen original children’s theater scripts and adaptations of classics including Robin Hood, Rip van Winkle and The Headless Horseman. In 2012, I co-wrote and performed in an original play called Scenes from the End with my Chicago Gag Reflex collaborators. Sketches I wrote and filmed with Gag Reflex have been featured on the popular Funny or Die website.
2D illos
Glossy inside page For this story on luxury dog items, I came up with the idea of dropping a couple of high-end dog biscuits into a Champagne flute and shooting on a simple, white background.
Life & Arts cover I designed this page with a lead story on movie “three-quels” on deadline, the first day the Austin American-Statesman implemented a brand new layout system.
Glossy inside page A simple product layout for the Statesman’s luxury broadsheet using handout art.
Glossy cover This eye-catching cover was conceptualized and designed to be a quick read for a holiday decorating issue. I modeled and rendered the ornament in Strata 3D and wrote the headline.
Glossy product page I designed this first page of a multiple-page product spread of mostly white holiday gifts with a combination of handout and studio-shot art. The large snowflakes in the background are Zapf Dingbats.
Fashion spread I pulled the color palette for this Warhol-inspired fashion spread kicker from the lead photo. I love the squeegee.
Flyer I designed this 5.5”x8.5” flyer for a play I co-wrote in 2012. The poster and program carried the theme through.
Texas Cultural Trust I designed posters, flyers, advertisements, course curriculum pages, web ads, easel cards, postcards, etc. for the Texas Cultural Trust using the organization’s color palette and design elements.
Art & Soul Print ads, brochures, course programs, web ads — I designed a whole lot of brightly-colored content for this then-new art studio for kids at the client’s direction.
NaturallyCurly.com I designed all manner of print collateral for this company including static and animated website ads, print ads, business cards, logos and product packaging.
Health care maze I used Strata 3D to model and render the maze of capsules, then inserted stock photo bodies to navigate it.
3D illos
3D illos
Christmas bulbs This was a 3D bulb modeling and rendering test for a Glossy cover illustration.
Friendly fire This 3D illustration ran on the cover of Technopolis, the Statesman’s personal technology section, to illustrate a story about online gaming.
Future Tech Another Technoplois cover image, I combined an old stock photo with some new 3D modeled and rendered elements to create a whimsical view of technology’s future.
Recipe card render I’m able to use 3D rendering to show clients such as naturallycurly.com how items I design for them will look in scale in real life.
Packaging 3D is a great tool for packaging design mock-ups.
Packaging I designed this logo and small folding tag to be attached to a product from naturallycurly.com. It's rendered here in 3D next to a pen for scale.
3D illustration This illustration, completely modeled and rendered in Strata, was for a lead lifestyle story on romance novels overtaking classic fiction in popularity.
Grackles This piece was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Inspired by Hitchcock, the piece parodied Austin’s grackle problem.
Texas Writers I created this simple, quick-read illustration for the Texas Writers Festival by scanning pencils on a flatbed and assembling them in Photoshop.
The Onion I created this piece by flatbed scanning a halved onion and adding facial features and headlines from the satirical newspaper.
9/11 This illustration ran with an editorial section lead piece about the ramifications of the 9/11 terror attacks.
CD cover I created this minimalist, moody piece in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Home Inspection This Adobe Illustrator piece ran with a story about pre-sale home inspections.
Pennybacker This is one of a series of retro-style posters of Austin landmarks I’m working on.
National I.D. I created this Illustrator/Photoshop piece to run with an editorial story about national photo I.D.s and privacy concerns. 
Baby I created this illustration in Adobe Illustrator for a birth announcement.
Chris Rock I created this photo collage illustration of the actor/comic the first time he hosted the Oscars. The piece ran as the lead illustration on the cover of the Statesman’s TV magazine.
Caucasian Comedy Explosion T-shirt design for a sketch comedy group.
Toymakers I shot and edited this video to run online with a story I wrote about Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers.
Logo I created this simple logo for a book club in Austin, Texas.
Web badge Here are five mockups of a web badge for the Texas Cultural Trust’s Texas Medal of Arts Awards winners’ websites.
Motion Graphic I created this motion logo for the opening of a sketch comedy group’s DVD.
Photo retouching Leg and foot seamlessly and subtly reshaped for a Glossy product spread.
Logo This typographic logo, reminiscent of a bed and pillow, was created for a podcaster.
Photo retouching I retouched a poorly-lit photo of Tina Fey, left, to remove sweater wrinkles and other artifacts.